PR Crisis Management Planning

Your reputation insurance policy

The speed at which an incident can turn into a crisis can be frightening in today’s digital age where we’re all journalists now and have the power of a smart phone at hand. Political lobby groups, disgruntled customers and social campaigners have the ability to hijack and take-over what once seemed an ‘innocent’ (if not properly thought through) campaign. The examples are numerous.

The lightning speed of a breaking story can overwhelm and flood a company’s defences in the matter of hours. Being unprepared is costly and could shatter your bottom line. Your most important asset in business is REPUTATION. Lose that and you’re swimming on your own.

Middleton Davies has a wealth of crisis management experience. Incidents managed include work place deaths and injuries, controversial court cases, environmental protests and significant infrastructure failures.

Once you’re in a crisis, there is no time to plan your way out. Doing your homework beforehand pays. We start by auditing your business risks, the social/media landscape and societal trends to identify your risks. We produce effective plans which include scenario planning, stakeholder mapping, incident training for your first response team and ensure you ultimately have a tool that is robust, useable and effective for every employee, at every level.

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  • Risk analysis and scenario planning
  • Incident and crisis planning
  • Lines to take and holding statement production
  • Media training and acting as company spokesperson
  • Media monitoring


• A crisis or incident isn’t just a problem for the communications team. Planning ensures the business is onboard and prepared.

• A crisis or incident can hit from any angle; expect the unexpected at any time (usually on a Friday at 5pm)

• Being transparent, honest and taking responsibility are all key for maintaining trust in your company.

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