About us

“Together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

We’re proud to be independent and rooted in the Midlands. Middleton Davies is a boutique agency that operates a ‘virtual’ model, working with a rota of experienced, independent communications professionals to ensure our clients get the right expertise, at the right time and at the right price. We don’t carry the costs of a large consultancy. We have agility and ideas, and the best people at our fingertips.

Rebecca and Nikki have over 40 years of combined experience and are both driven, resourceful and future-focused. The client’s results matter deeply. That’s why they’ve put their names to the business.

They cut their teeth and built careers in two very different industries: global energy and fashion and retail. These worlds don’t normally come together but when they do, it’s proof that exciting things can happen. Their perspectives naturally challenge each other, while their skills sets complement each other. This leads to fresh ideas and robust strategies.

Their friendly, authentic and honest approach has rewarded Middleton Davies with clients that return time and time again. 


Rebecca Middleton

Rebecca is has over 20 years of experience and expertise in international PR, corporate and crisis communications, community affairs and reputation management.

After eight years of living and working in Germany, Rebecca set up Middleton PR in 2015. During her time in Dusseldorf, Rebecca managed international corporate communications for E.ON SE, one of the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas companies and owner of E.ON UK. She successfully delivered international and national communication strategies and media engagement across the UK, Europe and globally to support the company’s core objectives and reputation goals. While there, Rebecca looked after over 20 markets across Europe and is experienced at juggling conflicting and challenging needs, political communications and managing PR for complex M&A deals.

Before moving to Germany, Rebecca was senior PR for E.ON UK and worked across the business delivering key corporate and community campaigns. She is an experienced crisis and incident communicator and has regularly acted as company spokesman – including live TV and Radio.

Rebecca is also a trained broadcast journalist and worked freelance across a number of BBC and commercial stations before moving into PR.


With over 20 years in the design industry, Nikki’s path into graphics was more by evolution than design. With a fashion and knitwear degree from Nottingham, she knew it was brand and product development that really interested her. More geek than Givenchy – computer aided design came easily and Adobe became her best friend and her path became clear. The overlapping design skills meant a seamless transition to product and print and the professional skills were learnt through hard graft and experience.

Exciting career opportunities within various well-known and respected manufacturing and retail brands, meant her true love could be explored. Branding, product and packaging design was all in her scope of responsibility, working closely with product marketing and PR. Project management, brand direction, retail brochures and direct mail catalogues were her bread and butter. When the opportunity arose, Nikki took the bold step to become freelance to explore creative freedom and give her scope to really explore her passions. This led to opportunities to support younger, smaller brands and ambitious entrepreneurs and adding to the rich tapestry of her experiences, as well as consulting on larger brands too.

This left field approach very much reflects her creative and strategic thinking. She endeavors to see the big picture and tackles problems by twisting them onto their heads and then throwing sideways logic at it until it breaks wide open.

We think our actions speak louder than words, see our work in action here.